Yoga Life

A Workbook of Authentic Practices

by Caroline McCarter

There are some who consider Yoga a physical fitness program. There are others who say it is a religious practice. There are even some who claim that Yoga is a panacea for any issue, be it physical or mental.

One thing we can all agree on is that Yoga has become a mainstay of our culture.

What will you learn in Yoga Life?

Many people feel changed after a Yoga class. They feel energized, more peaceful, and less worried. But does the peace of mind acquired in class remain? After the positive vibes acquired in class, we can find ourselves quickly reverting to frustration over traffic delays or anxiety over our endless to-do list.

Lasting changes in our state of mind require more internal effort and more information than that covered in a group Yoga class. Yoga can help you transform, but it must become a way of living your life, rather than a small piece of your day.

In this workbook, Caroline McCarter demystifies and simplifies ancient Yoga practices and philosophy.

She shows you how deeper Yoga practices can be done in a short amount of time and still be effective in creating a sustained peace of mind. This workbook empowers you to find internal equanimity no matter what is happening externally in your life.


I have known Caroline for quite a few years now. Her understanding of yoga, and how that pertains to daily life has always impressed me. I was excited to learn about her new book—clearly her work in this new offering speaks for itself. Well done, Caroline.

" - James Tootle

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About the Author

Caroline McCarter is a Yoga therapist who began her studies at the University of Michigan, in 1997. After a decade of in-depth instruction from renowned teachers such as A.G. Mohan, Indra Mohan, and Ganesh Mohan, she opened a private practice in Austin, Texas. Her years of teaching clients of varied needs and abilities inspired her to write this workbook. “My goal for the book,” she says, “is to introduce others to the profound benefits of a classical Yoga practice.” For more information about Caroline’s continuing studies and teachings, click here.

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