“Hello to those interested in yoga having a positive and everlasting effect on your life and health. I wanted to share my experience working with Caroline. About 1 1/2 year ago, I had a 2 month period where I enlisted her services as a yoga therapist. I had a narrow window of time before I relocated to a Northwestern state.

My history and reason for seeking her services was chronic hip pain. After having no improvement from traditional physical therapy, I wanted to try yoga therapy. I had enjoyed attending yoga classes for a few years prior but had not been successful in helping my pain by just attending class. I was impressed with Caroline’s approach from the first visit as she spent time with me especially in inspecting my frame, strength and capabilities. She paid particular attention to my physical status and was the first individual to take note of my mild scoliosis and feel that it may have an effect on my overall posture and strength. She built a program for me utilizing my strengths that progressed in the level of complexity.

I met with Caroline weekly to get going on an accelerated program. She was positive and supportive of my slowly improving practice. Her studio was comfortable, peaceful and inviting. It reflected her calm and reassuring personality. The key to success with development with yoga therapy is the combination of expert guidance and an ongoing home practice. I found that in the short period I worked with Caroline, I made significant advances in building strength in the supporting muscle groups. I was able to see a gradual lessening of my pain. I appreciated the opportunity to work with Caroline and would recommend her to others with conditions that cause chronic pain. I have not found an individual with a similar warm and engaging spirit in my new home city.”

— Karen G.

“Beginning in June ’08 Caroline helped me deal with extreme chronic pain from herniated discs in my lower back and advanced arthritis in both hips. When I started with her, I was taking 12 Hydrocodone a day and they were not helping much. I was terribly depressed and unmotivated. I was so stiff and tight I didn’t want to get out of bed. Now, May ’09, I am scheduled to be completely free of prescription pain killers sometime this summer for the first time in TEN YEARS. That’s it, finished, no mas since 1999 ! How’s that for success ?. Caroline is charming, kind, thoughtful, and challenging without ever being pushy. I am never bored doing Yoga and I always look forward to seeing her. She has a gift for working with people and she obviously loves doing it, and it shows. Go see her and get her help with chronic pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, etc.”

— Michael W.

“Caroline saved my career! I had a devastating bicycle wreck about a year ago… Caroline successfully guided me incrementally back to my prior strength. When I started a few months ago, I couldn’t put any pressure on my wrist. Now, I am virtually pain free!!!! And I’m doing yoga, riding my bike, tattooing and drawing with confidence! I am a tattoo artist, so my wrist is very important to me. If anyone needs rehab of an injury, I would highly suggest Yoga RX!!!!”

— Karen S.

“My experience with the women’s ED Group,has been wonderful; don’t get me wrong it was challenging. The wonderful came from being in a safe place were I could be open with other women who have similar issues around food and body image. We met together once a week, talked, did yoga, drew, meditated and journaled. We had weekly homework and over time we developed a trust and openness that allowed us to be real with our struggles. The process for me was honest, tough and on occasions very emotional. I opened up about things that I had never discussed before. Listening to the other women, Caroline and the guest speakers I began to realize I was not alone and could forgive myself and start to heal. This is a great program for any woman dealing with ED, body image or other self esteem issues. You have to be ready to be open but if you are this is a great place to help yourself heal.”

— J.P.

“The difference your work has made in my life,is impossible for me to quantify. The level of pain I am in has been cut in half, my flexibility is substantially improved and my mood hasn’t been this good, or this stable at any time in my life that I can remember. It is truly shocking what you have brought into, and probably taken out of, my life. There is much more being imparted to me than asanas, movements and breathing associated with yoga. There is an unusual warmth, energy and life that you bring to your work.”

— Misha B.

“I can’t say enough about what a great therapist Caroline is. She understands the body, how it moves, what it needs. And more importantly, she’s an amazing listener who remembers your quirks and concerns. I went to Caroline for hip pain, but I gained much more than a cure for the pain. That pain is long gone, and I have developed a consistent home practice. I have also learned breathing and thought strategies for keeping myself happy and whole.”

— Rachel D.

“Being involved in the women’s yoga group has given me a safe place to talk openly with other women who are struggling with body image, eating disorder thoughts, ideas, and behaviors. The group provides me with support, while challenging me to make positive changes in my life.
The yoga practice has taught me a form of movement that is more about taking time to be with myself each day; moving in a calm introspective way, instead of exercising with the intent to burn calories, lose weight, and disconnect from my body. Caroline has taught me that yoga is not about being perfect with the poses, but instead, it is a way of taking time to sit with myself in acceptance; breathe, focus, and ground myself- setting aside all the negative thoughts, self-hate, even if it is only for that short time each day. This group, along with traditional therapy has proven to be extremely helpful on my path to recovery.”

— Jules

“I was always told that I would benefit from Yoga but did not believe it, now I’m hooked and had no idea I could be so flexible – as a big girl…I never thought I’d get into the positions that I did. I greatly appreciate Caroline, not only for her teaching but for her compassion and caring for the cancer yoga group to find out not only how we were doing, but our total well being and for keeping us updated on those who were out dealing with their struggles. While we missed Caroline while she was out, it was nice to have a substitute to see how different instructors teach and have a chance to learn new moves to realize their are different styles and speeds of yoga. Thanks Caroline for knowing our abilities and our constraints and helping us improve along the way.”

— Melissa K

“After my appointment with you, I had little to no pain for the rest of the day and just felt relaxed. This morning I woke up with my usual pain so I decided to do the program you wrote out for me and…no pain for most of the day. I have decided to do the program in the morning and again at night where I can do it in peace. I am very excited and I wish we had met many years ago.”

— Marie Y

“I wanted to let you know you are a great teacher. I have benefited so much by our sessions. I am feeling peace in my life and focusing only on one day at a time when I wake up each morning and practice yoga and starting out the day being grateful for my life…My days are brighter and I am more connected with god and it doesn’t feel so dark and meaningless anymore. I am not worrying like I used to about the future days like I used to constantly. It was subconsciously my past behavior but I see it now.”

— Tanya S

“Caroline, Somehow I am always amazed, but never surprised, by the depth of your caring ways that today included listening to all that was unfolding for me in the hours prior to my appointment. Your ability to attend with focus and sensitivity, and respond with what is needed and helpful does honor me in such a special way. You provide a unique experience of shelter and safety in the emotional and psychological realms, in addition to your targeted poses and exercises for physical healing.”

— Laura L
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