assist04Caroline’s consultations, include a written practice plan & stress reducing breathing exercises. Each private yoga class plan is specifically tailored to meet the individual’s needs, in order to achieve the most consistent, positive results possible. That means some therapeutic yoga plans include meditation techniques & philosophical study guides, journaling, and more depending on the individual’s goals.
No matter where you find yourself in life and with your practice, Caroline can design a plan just right for you!

The Benefits of Private Yoga Instruction

Consider these benefits that private yoga instruction can offer:

  • Practicing at home is a more affordable way of practicing yoga.
  • A setting in which to practice without being overwhelmed or intimidated.
  • A perfect place to address specific injuries. (Back, knee, shoulder, etc…)
  • Specific health concerns:
    • Structural – SCOLIOSIS, BACK PAIN, HERNIAS, arthritis, sciatica
    • Functional – ASTHMA, high blood pressure, seizures, fibromyalgia, cancer
    • Mental health – DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY, EATING DISORDERS, substance abuse and addictions, alzheimers, schizophrenia
  • Ideal for Home Practice Development: current students working towards a specific goal such as increased flexibility, balance, strength; or even chanting, pranayama, & meditation.
  • Great way to add yoga to your current exercise program!

Caroline recommends a minimum of six sessions. In the first private yoga class we discuss your symptoms and goals as well as gain insight into your current abilities of movement and breath. In your second session, Caroline designs a program to do at home with specific yoga postures that address your specific needs. The next session will fine-tune the postures and breathing and add appropriate postures to encourage your progress. Follow-up sessions are available weekly, monthly or even yearly as is appropriate given your proximity and individual situation. Many students have a workable plan after 6-12 sessions. Others prefer to continue working one-on-one with Caroline indefinitely. Private yoga instruction locations may be at the Yoga RX studio, but are also available in your home or office.

Private Yoga Instruction Tuition

Investing in yourself is one of the most important things you can do to create lasting happiness and contentment. Semi-private sessions or small group classes are also available! Please call 512.554.3988 for estimates.

  • Private Therapy session at Yoga RX, $90 per 50 min.
  • 6 session discounted package, $500
  • Twice a week Thirty minute Private Therapy sessions, $135/week.
  • Initial Consultation, $135 per 90 min.
  • Therapy session at remote location, $135 per hour (under 10 miles, $150 for couples)
  • Corporate yoga classes: $150 per hour (pricing dependent on #of people and distance from studio)
  • Package discounts are available for 6 or more sessions!