assist03The ancient science of yoga is a philosophy and practical psychology. It describes a clear and certain path to a focused mind, and provides effective practices to walk that path.

Yoga is the process of changing a wandering mind into a centered one, a waning mind into a contented one, a self-indulging mind into a self-fulfilling one.
—A.G. Mohan, 1993

Specialized Yoga Therapies

By combining the wisdom of ancient sages with Caroline’s simple & logical tools of working with the mind in the modern world, together we examine not only the mind but other areas of her students’ lives that may need attention:

  • Individual lifestyle & Personality – habits, society, living environment
  • Physical health – body, breath, food, behavior of senses

The take away from your session may be a breath centered movement practice to calm the mind, but there may be sessions of discussion and reflection on a specific yoga philosophy which we apply to your daily life. Sessions can also include breath work, meditation techniques, journaling, and more. No matter what, with each session in yoga and mental health you will have a specific aspect of Yoga to work with to induce psychological transformation.

Healing with Yoga Chanting

Sound impacts our system. Imagine listening to ocean waves in comparison to heavy metal rock music. They provide different physical & mental reactions. And in making our own sound, we impact ourselves internally as well as others. Again, imagine humming a lullaby in comparison to yelling in anger….both provide different visceral reactions.
Sound is a powerful tool when used with specific language. There is meaning behind our words which give us a plethora of different experiences from reading a beautiful verse to a mournful poem.

Thus, the intention is important. There are many yoga chants that have practical applications for removing obstacles, fears, and anxieties. Ancient mantras are also not of utmost importance. We can create our own yoga chant; working together on a sound or word with a specific attitude and intention to deepen our experience & provide mental steadiness.  Check with Caroline for sessions in yoga philosophy and/or yoga chanting Austin, TX.

Click here to listen to a peace chant.
Vedic chanting was recently honored by UNESCO as a world heritage tradition.
Proclamation 2003: “The Tradition of Vedic Chanting”